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The official argentine academy award entry for best foreign film, eva peron. Eva peron or evita became a powerful political figure with a large support base amongst the poor and workingclass trade union members. Eva peron may 7, 1919 july 26, 1952, former first lady of argentina, has been a consistent. The works of felipe pigna are not aimed to the academic public, but to the masses. Struggling free from a life of grinding poverty she moved to the argentine capital to find work as a radio soap opera. It ends with the embalmed corpse of eva peron being hidden away by nervous politicians for fear that if the working people of argentina knew where it was buried, it would inspire them to revolution. Argentinas own eva peron gets an argentine film biography in this production. Then she became a larger than life figure as presented by madonna and andrew lloyd webber hat was interesting but hard to believe or grasp. Eva peron juan carlos desanzo, 1996 dvdrip divx clasico. She boldly left home when she was young and worked hard at becoming an actress, although she did not have much talent and so was never very successful. In this argentine name, the family name is duarte and for married women, the marital name is peron. The best footage i have seen of eva are from documentaries released over 40 years ago, one narrated by mike wallace from the biography series and simply titled eva peron is pretty hateful but offer some of the best footage of eva peron i have ever seen on film especially during her rainbow tour and the other, narrated by walter kronkite.

The purpose of the biography is to separate the myth of evita from the reality. In between eva peron became first the actress eva duarte, then the mistress of colonel peron, then, in october 1945 after the shirtless ones had. Eva peron es rapidament identificada i treballadors i evita es fonen en. Dec 12, 2008 previo a su presentacion, felipe pigna dialogo con este medio. The true story, provides the important historical information necessary to understand the big budget musical evita. Eva peron lying in state august 1952 eva peron, first lady. Growing up in poverty and in an ambiguous family situation, she was determined from a young age to better herself and gain the respect of others. Join facebook to connect with biblioteca eva peron and others you may know. Jan 01, 1985 evita the real life of eva peron managed to pin down a v before the movie, i had no idea of who eva peron was, save for a name whispered in the annals of history. Apr 02, 2012 felipe pigna, historiador y periodista, es entrevistado por rolando grana. The real life of eva peron is a short biography of one of the most important political figures in recent latin american history who has been transformed into a cultural symbol through popular musicals and movies over the last several decades. She inspired millions with her campaigns to help the poor and give women the right to vote.

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