Knk zing 14 cutter with make the cut software

Scheduled for release in march, the next successor in the zing product family now comes in two sizes and has some new capabilities that make it not only an evolutionary product, but a truly revolutionary cutting plotter. High force with 750 grams of force, the knk zing air can cut a larger range of materials vinyl, cardstock, fabric, thin chipboard, rhinestone rubber, craft plastic and much more. Use coupon code zingplus at checkout the knk zing air is an electronic cutting machine that supports your creativity rather than limiting it. Learning how to use the make the cut software was really fast and easy. Sure cuts a lot scal comes free with the knk zing air and knk maxx air, and can be purchased for use with the knk force too. Knk zing air is your open source creation solution. Were not sure about the orbits compatibility with make the cut software, although again will report back once we know more. Because of regular updates to mtc, we recommend not printing this entire document, but rather read it on the screen or print only those pages you need at any given time. How to use the zing digital cutter to make crystal designs artisticusa. Bestsellers yellow pen tool zing blade holder yellow zing blade holder red search products. Increased cutting force the knk zing orbit has grams of cutting force to more easily cut dozens of materials including vinyl, cardstock, htv, fabric, mylar, craft plastic, chipboard, and more.

If you have a problem with your knk zing orbit, please start a support ticket here. He has been with us since the beginning and has dedicated a lot of his time putting together helpful. If you are just now learning about klicnkut, check out the klicnkut info section of this site. Knk zing air cutting machine packages especially designed for your crafting needs. The print and cut function is so much faster and easier to use with the automatic movement of the laser light to within about 14. I bought my cutter over a year ago and it has been sitting on a table in my office ever since.

I called a supply house here in chicago, and they told me about the knk zing 14 cutter. I have to say klicnkut and their staff, by far have the best customer service i have ever experienced. I am trying to budget and start with something small. Christmas and we were having trouble figuring out how and where to start cutting. Knk zing air cutting machine, make the cut activation pin, 1 cutting mat, 1 zing air blade holder, 1 regular. A quick demonstration on how easy it is to do a print and cut on the knk zing from make the cut. See more ideas about cricut, silhouette projects and silhouette cameo tutorials. Computerized cutting systems and supplies klicnkut. Cricket cutter scan n cut vinyl crafts software arch cricut magic number clip art texts. Zing air cutting machine packages by knk accugraphics. In order to write a fresh installation, youll need to install an operating system image on the sd card.

Save 20% on additional zing air accessories when you purchase any zing air package from create n craft. Michele harvey, from team knk will be our instructor as we learn, explore, and get inspired with our knk cutters and make the cut software. Here you will find tutorials our members have put together for make the cut. I just sometimes forget to change the page orientation from. I am sure they are there to help with keeping all of the pieces in proprtion but i like to be able to arrange the things i want to cut in ways that cause these boxes to go out of the cutting area and the program recognizes them when i say to cut anyway. The knk zing air allows you to create and cut your own custom designs. Its the most awesome machine i couldve ever bought. So worth it for the price difference between other cheaper machines. How to use the zing digital cutter to make crystal designs. This forum has 22 topics, 60 replies, and was last updated 2 weeks, 3 days ago by sandy. He has been with us since the beginning and has dedicated a lot of his time putting together helpful manuals and videos for free to help everyone out who is new to make the cut.

The knk force runs a special distribution of linux which comes preinstalled with cutter command center, or c3. Janome knk zingair artistic compact cutter wbluettooth. Knk zing icing print and cut with photofrost youtube. One of the perks of my role is getting to bring you this first look at the all new knk zing orbit. I use zing air, make the cut pop card studio, winxp win7 win10 paper modellers i revere marc haganguirey yoshinobu miyamoto peter dahmen. It is totally under my control because it uses makethecut. Is there any way to get rid of the enlarged boxes that svgcuts puts around their objects. Cut directly to your knk force with sure cuts a lot v4 pro sure cuts a lot is an easytouse design and cut application allowing you to cut to your klicnkut.

Hi i am a freelance graphic designer looking to get my own vinyl cutter. I attempted to read the manual more than once but never really had the time to sit down and to study. When comparing the price of the knk zing to cartridge based machines, you will find that the cartridges and machine will quickly add up to more than our heavyduty cutting system. Take your zing air cutting machine and make the cut to the next level. In order to cut to a certain machine, you can download one or more of the following plugin installers.

Chapters 3 8 are make the cut only and will be useful to all owners of make the cut software. Video showing the two correct positions of your pinch wheel levers for loading and unloading your materials. Setting your blade depth in your blade holder tool for precise cutting. Works with the silhouette, knk, ecraft, uscutters, black cat, gazelle and more. Knk zing zing air with make the cut1 february 28, 2014 this manual is based on make the cut mtc, version 4. The knk zing uses make the cut software, which allows you to create your. I never even opened the box for over a year and by then, i knew just about nothing about an electronic cutter, especially one. Klicnkut have been teasing us since they announced the release of the zing orbit that this cutting machine would have and we quote out of this world accessories. Print and cut w make the cut software part 1 youtube. So were going to go over the basics from getting an image. I love andyann and wish them the very best with this new venture, but personally, until i see more information, videos, how it is cutting, how it loads, i would. The zings 14 wide cutting makes it ideal for cutting 15 rolled materials.

Viewing 15 topics 1 through 15 of 22 total 1 2 topic voices posts last post version no started by. Knk zing digital electronic 14 craft cutter machine see more. You need to register your copy if you want to cut nonwatermarked projects. I am using the manual with every step as make the cut is very different than the crickcut and sure cuts a lot. I have only had this cutter for a week and i am still learning the controls. Bidirectional communication unlike previous zing models, the zing orbit uses rtscts flow control signals. Alright in this tutorial im going to show you how you can set yourself up for a print and cut with make the cut. The knk zing air is surprisingly compact, considering it has a 14. Software setu for making your first cut with the knk zing. After processing your order, well send you a license key that will disable the watermarks from your newly cut projects. The cutter can only directly work with a program intended for cutting machines like make the cut, which comes with the knk. Computerized cutting systems and supplies klicnkut forums software make the cut. Knk zing orbit support page 1 user manual and software.

Design your cuts with knks make the cut software, which is suitable for downloading or drawing designs. Knk usa felt it made more sense to not include software. Knk zing orbit best for cutting intricate designs the knk zing orbit is the newest personal cutter from klicnkut. Zing and zing air with mtc user manual pdf format this is a large file. It is a powerful machine, boasting an incredible grams of cutting force for easily cutting through vinyl, cardstock, fabric, htv, and more. Zing and zing air with mtc user manual interactive format. Knk market the zing air as an entry level cutter and the other two as part of their professional series. Chapters 1, 2, 9 and 10 are specific to the knk zing and zing air.

With over grams of force and speeds up to 30 inches 762mm per second, this new cutter is a standout choice for crafters and small business owners. Zing air with mtc user manual in downloadable pdf format. The knk zing air has a maximum cutting width of 14 inches. If you have a problem with your new knk zing or zing air. Registering online is the fastest and easiest way to order make the cut. Every zing comes with make the cut mtc software, as well as a. Klicnkut versus skycut comparisons scroll down to find section on software comparisons because klicnkuts are no longer sold new and because skycuts are now the brand im recommending, i started some comparison tables to help those with current knks better understand the differences.

Even though the zings specs are apparently better than the gazelle, this machine has not been tested and not much information on it really has been released, no videos, nothing. Theres a handy little trio of programs that people use for their knk software. Click here for sure cuts a lot downloads and instructions. Make the cut is proving to be a popular software for the existing knk owners, as well. After you download the plugin installer, simply run the installer and make the cut. More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper. The all new sleek, stylish and powerful 14 knk zing.

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