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Geographic and tectonic setting of the island of hispaniola, of which haiti occupies the western third. This books starts out with a brief history of haiti. The us geological survey usgs says that it was the most violent earthquake to. Part of the bitter irony of this unforeseen natural disaster is that it comes just as haiti was starting to show signs of recovering from its myriad political, criminal and natural crises and achieving enough stability that. The 2010 haiti earthquake response partners in health. Relations committee held a hearing on january 28, 2010, haiti. September 27, 2019 hilman rojak leave a comment on primary and secondary effects of the haiti earthquake 2010 the haiti earthquake impacts and responses haiti earthquake 2010 christchurch 2016 2010 haiti earthquake and caribbean risk faq reallocating children s time coping strategies after the haiti earthquake 2010 christchurch 2016. Haiti earthquake 2010 an overview sciencedirect topics. The earthquake worsened the situations with a large part of the respondents to the oxfam survey 2010 blaming the environmental issues for the huge damage incurred during and after the earthquake pierre 2010 conclusion on the wake of january 12, 2010, haiti was faced by one of the most severe natural tragedies on it is history. The impact of the boxing day tsunami, was exacerbated by the scale of seabed displacement, its proximity to the coastline of banda aceh province in indonesia where most. The earthquake shrank haiti s gross domestic product by 5. Many nations and organizations around the world have wanted to show their solidarity to haiti in prayers and pratical support.

This quick action allowed usa1 to get into action in the disaster area rapidly and. The 12 january 2010 haiti earthquake resulted in some of the most significant social impacts from an earthquake in recent decades. May 27, 2014 the effects of the 2010 haiti earthquake on january 12, 2010, haiti was hit by a magnitude 7. Based on comparing 1 year post earthquake to 3 years pre earthquake. The book talks about the situation in haiti after the earthquake as witnessed by dr. The quake, centered about 15 miles southwest of portauprince, had a magnitude of 7. Over 200,000 people died while over 300,000 were injured and over one million more were rendered homeless. Haiti has suffered over 20 internationallyrecognized natural disasters in the last 15 years faubert 2004, p. Health response to the earthquake in haiti january 2010. This initial earthquake then triggered additional aftershocks that further traumatized the caribbean nation. Haiti already one of the poorest nations in the world dug itself into more debt by borrowing money to try and rebuild. The primary effects of the haiti earthquake were the collapse of buildings, death and people being trapped under rubble. The magnitude 7 earthquake that leveled much of haiti s capital tuesday the strongest temblor to hit the country in some 200 years may have increased strain on.

As of march 4, 2010, total humanitarian funding provided to haiti for the earthquake was. More than two years later, in august 2012, it was estimated. The 12 january 2010 earthquake could not have occurred in a more vulnerable. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, president rene preval. Communication services were cut off by the earthquake, so detailed information. There is still no consensual official data available, but the international red cross estimated that the earthquake affected about 3 million people. Feb 24, 2012 a very detailed powerpoint on the 2010 disaster. Portauprince was the most affected area by the 2010 monster earthquake. Primary effects of the haiti earthquake 2010 the earth.

What you need to know about the 2010 haiti earthquake. Haiti earthquake aid effort shifts to long term care. Effects of 2010 earthquake still mar haiti three years ago, a massive earthquake destroyed much of the haitian capital of portauprince. This means that there is a 10% chance of potentiallydamaging earthquake shaking in your project area in the next 50 years. The impacts of the haiti 2010 earthquake on water and. Apr 25, 2017 the 2010 earthquake in haiti was a major catastrophe which occurred just west of the nations capital. The haitian government was making some progress prior to the earthquake getting better at budgeting, urban planning, etc. Postearthquake injuries treated at a field hospital haiti. Explore facts and frequently asked questions about the magnitude 7. The effects of the 2010 haiti earthquake free essay example. I noticed the incorrect grammar in this article too the first time i saw it but i didnt really feel like arguing over it.

A number of public figures died in the earthquake, including government officials, clergy members, musicians, together with foreign. Introduction fast facts island nation in the caribbean discovered by christopher columbus in 1492. In addition, there was a decline in the gross domestic product of the state estimated by five point one percent. The report is written 6 months after the 12 january earthquake in haiti and is concerned primarily with. The 2010 earthquake, while certainly the worst natural disaster to hit haiti in modern times, is by no means the first. Gulf states, and the 2010 earthquake in chile, serovie and iglhrc draw. The articles collected in this special issue represent a fraction of the many fine articles submitted to address the tragedy of the haiti earthquake. The scope of the book is limited to the health response, health being defined in. Seligson scientific coordinator and editor of the series vanderbilt university. The haitian earthquake of 2010 true books library binding september 1, 2011 by peter benoit author. Over the course of the next 12 days, at least 52 aftershocks with a magnitude above 4. Save the children medical experts determined that the girl was dehydrated but otherwise unharmed. Health response to the earthquake in haiti, january 2010.

The devastating 2010 haiti earthquake highlighted a lack of preexisting formal biomedical mental health services. Paul farmer, who established and maintains an ngo in the country, providing hospital care to the most needy. T he earthquake that struck haiti on january 12, 2010, resulted in 222,570 deaths, 300,572 people injured, and approximately 2. They are all united to varying degrees in their thematic critique of the external forces. The haitian governments official count was more than 300,000. The earthquake that struck haiti on january 12, 2010 devastated its capital region, killing 300,000, leaving over a million people homeless, and a nation in ruins. Nanban trust and oxfam america earthworm books, 2008. Jan 12, 20 effects of 2010 earthquake still mar haiti three years ago, a massive earthquake destroyed much of the haitian capital of portauprince. More than 5 million people live in the area affected by the earthquake, 1. On january 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake struck haiti, the worst to be recorded in two centuries of the countrys history. The 2010 canterbury earthquake also known as the darfield earthquake struck the south island of new zealand with a moment magnitude of 7. Jan 18, 2010 the month of january 2010 has been very tragic for haiti and the world in general because of the earthquake that took the lives of so many people. Haiti s economy took a nosedive as most of the clothing factories and other workplaces were destroyed and 1 in 5 people were made redundant after the earthquake.

The largest earthquake ever recorded in haiti devastated parts of the country, including the capital, on january 12, 2010. Geometry of fault ruptures for the january 2010 haiti earthquake. Crisis and response congressional research service summary the largest earthquake ever recorded in haiti devastated parts of the country, including the capital, on january 12, 2010. On january 12, 2010, a major earthquake struck the country of haiti, destroying its capital, portauprince as well as a significant part of southern haiti, and causing massive casualties. S447s462 october 2011 with 9,704 reads how we measure reads.

Usa1 received orders to deploy a heavy team to an earthquake in haiti from usaid. Haiti earthquake response, 6month report 1 executive summary this report is compiled following a request by the principals of the interagency standing committee iasc2 at a meeting on 6 may 2010. As of march 2010, the death toll reported by the government of haiti exceeded 233,000, with an additional 300,000 injuries. Haiti s vulnerability to such shocks is increased by environmental. What were the economic effects of the haiti earthquake. The county has recorded over 18,000 deaths, about 4,708 injuries and about 2,00 homelessness between the years 2001 and 2007. The january 2010 portauprince earthquake is not only a humanitarian catastrophe, it also is a devastating blow to recent efforts to put haiti back on the tourism map. It is difficult to quantify the impact of preearthquake conditions on the devastation resulting from the earthquake in haiti. The largest earthquake ever recorded in haiti devastated parts of the country, including the capital. Haiti 2010 earthquakehow to explain such huge losses.

One of the massive earthquakes that took place in the united states in 2010 was haiti earthquake. The background info of the quake maps showing the location of haiti and th slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The impact of the haitian earthquake on marginalized communities. Read haiti earthquake 2010 essay sample for free at. The center of the earthquake was near leogane, very close to portauprince, the capital and largest city of haiti. In this vivid narrative, farmer describes the incredible sufferingand resiliencethat he encountered in haiti. Since the haitian earthquake four years ago, helping hands. We use geographic variation in the destructiveness of the earthquake to conduct a difference. The impact of the 2010 earthquake on citizen lives and perceptions1 dominique zephyr, m. An alternative could be 2010 earthquake in haiti, 2010 haitian earthquake also works. Much of portauprince was completely devastated by the earthquake. Primary and secondary effects of the haiti earthquake 2010.

As a result, most of the information in the book is healthrelated. The epicenter of the haiti earthquake was near the town of leogane, approximately 16 miles west of haitis capital, portauprince. The book gives particular emphasis to those lessons that are of general interest, i. Economic impacts of the haiti earthquake 2010 the earth. On january 12, 2010, haiti was hit by a magnitude 7. Other than leogane and portauprince, the cities most affected by this earthquake were petit goave, jacmel, grandgoave, miragoane, and les cayes. Tranblemannte 12 janvye 2010 nan peyi ayiti was a catastrophic magnitude 7. The 2010 haiti earthquake was a very strong earthquake that hit haiti on january 12, 2010. Haiti s museums, churches, art galleries, libraries, and archives were destroyed, damaged, or endangered. Fragmentation and poor collaboration and communication among multiple nongovernmental entities, in the context of a disempowered central government, have defined humanitarian action in haiti, including in the health sector. The secondary effects of the haiti earthquake were the lack of food, homelessness, there was landslides, liquidation, in which the land turned into the consistency of jam and there was a cholera outburst because of the lack of clean water.

Haiti is located in the american continent, in the caribbean ocean, occupying one. The geology underlying the devastating haiti earthquake. Most severely affected was haiti, occupying the western third of the island. In the area you have selected haiti earthquake hazard is classified as medium according to the information that is currently available. Top donors in haiti earthquake response 2010 2016 nepal earthquake deals severe hit to culture economy but impact of economic development levels and disaster types on post earthquake zika virus surge disaster and public health haiti earthquake facts damage effects on economy. This article explores the effects of the 2010 haiti earthquake on womens reproductive health, using geocoded data from the 2005 and 2012 haiti demographic and health surveys. Witnesses are describing the damage as severe and catastrophic. A country at a crossroads 3 nearly three days after an earthquake flattened much of portauprince, a baby girl was pulled from the rubble of a house near our office. In early march, an earthquake engineering research institute eeri social impacts reconnaissance team documented broad impacts on shelter, livelihood opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that such earthquake occurred along hispaniola which is a west indian island. The 2010 earthquake occurred on or near the enriquilloplantain garden fault zone and was preceded by earthquakes in southern haiti in 1751 two events, in october and november, 1770, and 1860. The haiti 2010 earthquake is noteworthy among natural disasters that subject the affected human population to intense psychological stressors table 1. The 2010 earthquake in haiti was one of the deadliest disasters in modern history, sparking an international aid responsewith pledges and. There was a massive cleanup operation and many people lost everything which resulted in theft, drug. On january 12, 2010 a massive earthquake laid waste to portauprince, haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Pdf overview of the 2010 haiti earthquake researchgate.

On tuesday, january 12, 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake devastated the republic of haiti. Oct 24, 2017 on tuesday, january 12, 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake devastated the republic of haiti. The effects of the 2010 haiti earthquake on january 12, 2010, haiti was hit by a magnitude 7. The psychological consequences of the haiti 2010 earthquake can be portrayed. The haitian governments official count was more than 300,000, but other estimates were considerably smaller. Prior to this event, haiti had not experienced an earthquake for over a hundred years which left people highly unprepared. Casualties of the 2010 haiti earthquake include both civilian and government officials, locals and foreigners however the overwhelming majority of those killed and wounded in the quake were haitian civilians.

They include landslides, floods, storms hurricanes earthquakes and tsunamis. The negative effects on haiti of too much foreign aid. The international community has much to learn from the response in haiti where it has shown an ability to repeat its errors and shortcomings from past disasters. Pdf social impacts of the 12 january 2010 haiti earthquake. According the statistics, the damage resulted from this haitian earthquake was ranged between seven and half and eight and half billion american dollars.

Perspectives on haiti two years after the earthquake. The earthquake shrank haitis gross domestic product by 5. Overview of the 2010 haiti earthquake earthquake science center. Using data from the geosentinel global surveillance network, one article 10 describes patient characteristics and disease spectrum among foreign visitors to haiti before and after the 2010 earthquake. The university of miami global institute project medishare umgipm established the first field hospital in portauprince, haiti, after the earthquake 1. Haiti has experienced various disasters over the years. Crises, emergency or disaster ceds haiti earthquake 2010 introduction the 2010 catastrophic haiti earthquake took place on 12 january. Roughly 200,000 people were killed and more than 1 million. Thousands of people were killed and buildings were destroyed. Some damaging aftershocks followed the main event, the strongest of which was a magnitude 6. Social impacts of the 12 january 2010 haiti earthquake article pdf available in earthquake spectra 27s1. The impact of the earthquake, and relief and recovery programs. On the scientific scale that measures the magnitude or strength of an earthquake, the quake scored a magnitude of 7. Paul farmer arrived in the haitian capital, along with a team of volunteers, to lend his services to the injured.

Keywords disaster losses, disaster response, earthquake, haiti, vulnerability 1 introduction on 12 january 2010, a 7. After the earthquake in january 2010, haiti was hit by an earthquake with a catastrophic magnitude of 7. Try searching on jstor for other items related to this book. The earthquake left a wave of destruction and death. Haiti is very vulnerable to natural disasters, therefore, unpreparedness was more responsible for the problems than the occurrence of the event itself. Lapop research coordinator vanderbilt university abby cordova, ph. An exact death toll proved elusive in the ensuing chaos.

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