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Models for assessing the cost and value of software assurance abstract. The reason for that is if something out of their scope arises then they may have to call on mitel for support and mitel is going to tell them the same thing every hardware vendor on earth is going to tell them do you have the latest software patch and if it doesnt they will tell them to install that before they will trouble shoot any further. If youve purchased software assurance, here are few good reasons to keep your mitel. Monitoring and managing performance offers a better user experience, less downtime, and decreases the cost of support. Software means the micollab client fka unified communicator advanced. Communication in todays workforce is critically important both internally and with customers or. With software assurance, the cals are also usable on the upgraded product.

Should i buy software assurance with my microsoft licenses. Purchase part number 54004228 from the mitel online store, it is priced at the 1 year charge of swas for the mitel 5000. Within the software assurance 24x7 support benefit your organization. Microsoft volume licensing frequently asked questions. Responsibility and liability for loss or damage shall remain the contractor until final. Financial roi reduce risk by ensuring life cycle cost certainty and investment protection for longterm supportability. A base subscription that includes 8x5 access to technical support as well as software patch updates, hot fixes, and entitlement to major software releases. Business reporter for general business extension reporting includes call accounting mivoice analytics is also included outofthebox with the purchase of micontact center business solution. Models for assessing the cost and value of software assurance. This paper presents it valuation models that represent the most commonly accepted approaches to the valuation of it and it processes. With active software assurance for customers who have enterprise manager under active software assurance mitel will provide mpa plus level coverage at no additional cost to the customer. Mitel software assurance options telcom innovations group. However, when looking up the software version of a media server in yoursite explorer, it will return the old build number.

Microsoft unveils server virtualization deal for vmware users. Experienced project managers and mitel engineers help ensure all goes smoothly whether they assist remotely or are onsite for the process. Mitel premium software assurance training courses 4sight communications 20180619t. Mitel 3300 software versions lookup 3300, build, mcd, mitel. Onsite phone system expertise affiliated communications. They may implement assurance choices, such as policies, practices, tools, and restrictions, based on their perception of the threat of a similar attack and the expected. Cost of software quality software quality assurance. Software assurance sa is microsofts discounted offer to prepurchase future upgrades of the software title one carries sa on. Software assurance cases january 2014 podcast charles chuck weinstock interviewer suzanne miller. Recognizing that software security is fundamentally a software engineering issue that must be addressed.

To put these percentages in more concrete terms, suppose you currently develop, deploy, and support systems at an. An aggregated measure of software quality can be computed through a qualitative or a quantitative scoring scheme or a mix of both and then a weighting system reflecting the priorities. Packet fusion named mitels top software assurance partner. In principles of quality costs, campenella presents a case study from raytheon that describes reductions in the cost of software quality from a whopping seventy percent of the total production cost to twenty to thirty percent. Mitel mivoice 250 server installation and configuration. More software, less hardware modern phone systems use less circuit boards than they used to back in the 1990s and 2000s. Here are 16 ways a cloud business communications service can change that. That said, ive asked about moving to virtualized or hosted, and was told that id basically be rebuying all my licensing as theyre a different product. Ottawa, on july 9, 2014 martello technologies, the leading provider of fault and performance management capabilities for mitel unified communications uc solutions, announced today that its marwatch. Agreement coverage which includes software assurance, warranty and repair is complemented. If the building burnt down, id need to get a new telephone system, and i need to insure against that cost. Software assurance, announced on may 10, 2001, radically changed the rules.

A mitel swas subscription on mitel software products entitles mitel partners like opus, on behalf of the customer, access to new software releases, updates, and mitel s technical support resources. Software assurance 70% increase mitelmatt vendor 2 oct 12 17. The software assurance program was created by mitel and intertone to achieve this goal. A mitel software assurance and support subscription is included with the purchase of new mitel software products, aligned with the warranty terms of the software. Microsoft adds 6 years to windows server and sql server. We last paid for our sa in 20 so we received a quote from our vendor for the renewal and it is double what we paid in 20. Software licenses and software assurance purchased on the open business program last two 2 years. Cals give end users the rights to access microsofts servers. In this podcast, charles weinstock introduces assurance cases and how they can be used to assure safety, security, and reliability. Enormous wholecompany projects were often beyond the capabilities of even the most experienced project and program managersespecially when there is never 100% consensus about the need for a total enterprise. I still need the same number of handsets and vm boxes etc. Technical inquiry and case management resolution of reported incidents or issues entitlement to major software releases. Since i dont want another mitel system, id need to know how much it would cost to get a different system, like shoretel.

It costs extra to make proprietary systems, so they would only do so if being nonstandard added specific benefits to them as a business, lockin being about the only major one that there is. In 2005 microsoft figured out how to tap into the revenue stream of extended warranties for software. Beyond that, mitel does list some of its support functions, including mitel software assurance, repair services, managed services, mitel customer care and mitel performance analytics. Upgrade your mitel 5000 phone system evolution, not revolution 2. Microsoft refers to its premium assurance additions as sa addons. Any customer claiming concurrency will be managed on a casebycase basis by prairiefyre software. Take advantage of enhanced features and technologies with premium software editions reduce the costs of buying new software windows 7 enterprise available exclusively to microsoft software assurance customers, windows 7. The program ensures that you stay up to date with software releases, fixes, and technical support to keep your system running smoothly. Traffic analysis attendant console reports include performance and. There are many distinct kinds of network security software that assist protect data in transit, data at rest. General accounting office in 20 reported that operational vulnerabilities have increased 780 percent over the past six years. Steven, i n simple terms, what exactly is software assurance and why is it so important with microsoft licenses sk. Software assurance is defined as t he level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at any time during its life cycle, and that the software functions in an intended manner. Mitel announces winners of americas partner awards 2020.

There are two different levels of support and service for you to choose from. Software assurance 70% increase gotrojans technicaluser op 2 oct 12. We do have a maintenance agreement with our vendor that the price on it remained about the same. Software assurance is optional under the open business volume licensing program. I find it a really difficult thing to sell explain justify. Important information regarding your intertonemitel system.

Software quality measurement quantifies to what extent a software program or system rates along each of these five dimensions. Engineering guide for more detailed software assurance information. We are due for our software assurance renewal on our 3300. Using software assurance, microsoft has crafted a program that promises savings, while often costing businesses even more for software. After that, youll pay the market price for version upgrades, or youll pay to extend your software assurance. Mitel system support and maintenance services 4sight.

Swa standard is the base software assurance program that includes. Solved moving mitel hardware controller to virualized. Cut software assurance costs, users tell microsoft microsoft could face a backlash from users if changes to its software assurance licensing scheme, due to be announced next month, do not address. The traditional onpremise phone system not only has expensive direct costs, but even more expensive indirect costs. However, worth noting, that it does not seem as if mitel provides much, if any, selfhelp options online. Assigning tangible value to a theoretical payoffthe commonly accepted definition of software assurance is a level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at anytime during its life cycle and that the software functions in the intended manner cnss 2006. Mitel software assurance helps you maximize the value of your mitel solution and reduces security vulnerabilities by providing essential patches and updates as needed. Software assurance is sometimes described as adding about 25 percent to 27 percent on top of the cost of the underlying licenses cost.

Spotlights highestachieving channel partners of the past year. Making the move from ecc to micontact center business. Software assurance programs enhance the longterm value of your communications investment. October 20, 2011, harri daniel, comments off on benefits of software assurance. Your home for the latest on business communications trends, tips, news and announcements. Software assurance upgrade benefits for licenses are automatic. Microsoft software assurance what it is and how it applies.

Postcontract support consists primarily of maintenance revenue and software assurance. If youve purchased software assurance, here are few good reasons to keep your mitel telephone system. Software assurance swa is not only a software subscription, but also a support program. Award recipients were chosen for demonstrating outstanding performance and honored during a special ceremony in dallas during the companys flagship event. If you have an nec or a mitel phone system, you may be familiar with the term software assurance. Under the open value volume licensing program, software assurance is automatically included. The overwhelming technical complexity and inflexibility of huge, standardized software systems also explain the death of big software. Premier support software assurance getting the most from software assurance benefits with premier support based on your volume licensing agreement, some of your organizations software assurance benefits can be transferred to a premier support agreement. Feb 26, 2015 mitel is a global provider of business communications and collaboration software and services. Agreement coverage which includes software assurance, warranty and repair is. With a complete software refresh, delivering platform, security, responsiveness and performance improvements, mivoice business r9. The software assurance award is a testament that our customers find value in what we do and how we do it, year after year, said matt pingatore, ceo of packet fusion.

By detecting issues before they impact service levels, marwatch helps authorizedpartners to improve support delivery, while decreasing costs. Mitel refuses support to certified installer if we refuse. Mitel refuses support to certified installer if we refuse software assurance. Mitel software assurance and support program or swas as it is known by mitel resellers, is an essential purchase if you have a mitel telephone system. The top partner of the year award demonstrates our dominance in the premise and cloud world with mitel. Mitel software assurance and support is a vital part of ensuring the ongoing health and maximizing the business value of a mitel unified communications investment. By providing often surprising data on rework and other failurerelated costs, the method supports more objective decision making on investments in quality assurance and process improvement. As a mitel platinum partner, opus is qualified to offer and deliver mitel software assurance and support swas at highly competitive rates. This summary treatment provides an overview and context for applying the wellestablished cost of quality approach to software development management. This direct connection to microsoft anytime a support need arisesfor almost any productcan help you maximise uptime, lower support costs and boost it productivity by reducing time spent troubleshooting and resolving issues. Software assurance coverage is required to take advantage of stepup licensing.

It is important to remember that once additional licensing is granted, you will be required to pay software assurance on the new licensing upon renewal of your software assurance. Open value licenses are for a period of three 3 years. Most large companies offer software assurance like a part of the licensing agreement. When you migrate from mivoice connect contact center on the mivoice connect onsite platform to micontact center business, those who are actively covered by mitel software assurance swa will qualify for the free equivalent micontact center voice agent, supervisor and administrator licenses. The death of big software december 2017 communications of.

Mandatory software assurance sometimes buying sa coverage isnt an option at all, as in the case of client access licenses cals. Mpa plus manages performance of mitel and thirdparty systems ie. Software assurance from mitel is available in 1, 3 and 5 year contracts, with cost benefits for longer contract terms. Since were paying for software assurance, thats a lot of money to be told you cant install any further updates on your phone system.

Mitel premium software assurance training courses 4sight. Expert offers tips on microsofts software assurance program. Organizations are expected to renew software assurance. Mitel has a wellestablished dealer channel, experience in managing. Effective immediately on all new mitel 5000 communications platforms cp, intertone mitel will include an initial month term of software assurance with the system purchase. May 05, 2011 im trying to find out how much it would cost as a % of total license fee for a client to renew their software assurance for ms crm 2011, two years from now. Why microsoft software assurance customers never win the. Security built in, not bolted on encompassing every phase of the product development lifecycle, oracle software security assurance is oracle s methodology for building security into the design, build, testing, delivery, and maintenance of its products. It is not enough to simply estimate the cost of doing secure software assurance.

Traffic analysis attendant console reports include performance and attendant console call traffic data. Software assurance cases carnegie mellon university. Deployed in over enterprise and service provider networks around the world, marwatch is designed to proactively monitor mitel systems on a 247 basis, with secure remote access. The formula for these builds is fairly straight forward. Our communications solutions meet the needs of customers in over 100 countries. Oct 24, 2016 organizations without effective software assurance perceive risks based on successful attacks to software and systems, and thus their response is reactive rather than proactive.

Mar 09, 2015 as recent news headlines about shellshock, sony, anthem, and target have demonstrated, software vulnerabilities are on the rise. Centre mitel mitel gold partner mitel ip phones mitel maintenance mitel micloud flex mitel mivoice business mitel partner mitel software assurance mitel support mitel. Remote workers often feel peripheral, if not forgotten, on conference calls. Mar, 2017 maintenance is a vital part of ensuring ongoing health and maximizing the business value of your mitel communications investment. These services isolate, replicate and resolve complex technical issues that may come up in operations, engage product development for bug fixes when needed, and provide access to software releases to stay current. Tag mitel software assurance 4sight communications. Only the vendor can provide these essential services. Manufacturer will continu to support system even if customer wont. Mitel do have specific documentation for my version of the software 6.

Sa offers significant benefits to assist people upgrade and also get more from their existing software. The companys essentials plan offers the lowest cost per month per user, and the premier plan is the most popular, according to the company. Performance management and analytics have become a strategic requirement for business communications. Call accounting for historical call costing, subscriber services, and traffic analysis reporting. Brookside can help you with your mitel equipment so call us today. Providing mitel border gateway functionality to remote employees. We are delighted to announce and provide information about the forthcoming release of mivoice business version 9. Included in mitel premium software assurance subscription. How much would an 80 extension shoretel install cost. Software assurance swa is defined as the level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at any time during its lifecycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner. Network security software is designed to improve a networks safety. The server software has internal help which is particularly light on information. We are a mitel platinum solutions partner with specialist partner accreditations in healthcare and education, qualified to install and maintain the complete range of mitel telephone systems from the mitel mivoice office and mitel mivoice business platforms, to mitel. Mitel experts are available to provide either an initial installation service when your mitel systems are first purchased or assistance when you chose to upgrade to a new mitel software release.

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